iPhone Measurements

The Stockpile Reports iPhone App is the only solution on the market for measuring stockpiles from the ground. It’s a key component of the Stockpile Reports Inventory Management toolkit which includes stockpile measurements from the air (via drone or airplane). All three of these methods feed into our cloud-based web portal, giving you full control over your inventory process. Everyone on your team can have access to inventory data, anytime, anywhere, whether finance, management, auditors, or the people on site doing the measurements. It’s the only solution that gives you the capability to do inventory quickly, at scale, across all your locations.

With the iPhone app, Stockpile Reports uses a 3-step process to calculate aggregates stockpile tonnage, volume and location using an iPhone. It even works on indoor or outdoor bunkers:

Required Equipment:

  • Two (2) solid orange traffic cones
  • 25-foot (or 10-meter) measuring tape or nylon rope
  • Apple® iPhone® 5 or newer, with the Stockpiles Application installed. Must have user name and password enabled from Stockpile Reports to open App.

When the stockpile reports are complete, registered users may login and access the results. The results contain two types of reports: a Stockpile Report and a Site Report.

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