We Tested the New Mavic 2 Pro. A Great Drone But…

Updated November 26th, 2018

The long awaited update to DJI’s popular Mavic series drones have finally arrived. On August 23rd, DJI announced two new version of the Mavic: the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. DJI managed to make large improvements with the camera, battery life, and obstacle sensing capabilities. Within days, our clients were calling and emailing us asking if we were going to support the new drones. We got our hands on the Mavic 2 Pro and put it through our extensive tests. Before you read on, we believe the Mavic 2 Pro is a great drone but has one big deal breaker that prevents us from supporting the drone for the time being. Continue on to find out more about…

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Machine Control Online Reviews Stockpile Reports

Marco Cecala recently tested the Stockpile Reports System and published his experience on Machine Control Online.

Machine Control Article
Machine Control Article

His bio states “Marco literally started out in the trenches, as a laborer on residential infrastructure projects for a developer. Increased knowledge and promotions brought him into the office, where the personal computer was just beginning to be used as a tool for estimating and job tracking. As software became more advanced, he was often the first in the office to make new products work, and even developed enhancements for software vendors to incorporate into new releases.

As GPS started to be used in surveying, Marco was building data for robotic total stations for heavy highway and airport grading. He was on the leading edge of the use of GPS for construction staking and machine control.

Marco is versed in the use of all major CAD platforms, and conducted training classes in data preparation in the past. Over the years, the mission of Take-off Professionals has focused on the production and use of digital data for layout, machine control, bidding, as builts, and site network integration.

His years of experience and insight will allow readers to get real answers to everyday situations they face in their businesses.”

He did not get ‘special treatment’, nor was he coached on what to review, or what to expect when he was finished measuring with the iPhone Stockpiles App. Marco received the same training we give customers, and his results were posted within a typical time-frame– approximately 18 hours from measurement upload.

His parameters for testing software such as the Stockpile Reports System include:

 • What is the maturity of the product? 
 • Ease of use. 
 • Overall Cost.

Please read his entire review, which includes the process of getting set up, the software, varying measurement methods (including LIDAR) that was tested, his experience and the ‘bad’ news.

Marco’s Summary

“The product does what it is supposed to, accurate stockpile measurement from your iPhone. The price varies depending on how many piles you plan on doing, you will need to contact Stockpile Reports to get specifics. Take my word, it’s low cost. You can sign up for a demo and go out and try for yourself. I did and I think it’s a great tool.”

If you are excited about getting accurate measurements and want to find out how our system enables your business to become more productive and save money, please contact us. You may qualify for a no-cost trial of our service. We proudly stand behind our measurement results and are ready to assist you.