Stockpile Reports® for Logistics Generates Inventory Levels From Low-Cost Fixed Cameras

Companies ordering, selling, or transporting bulk materials poised to save millions of dollars through optimized logistics.

Stockpile Reports® for Logistics adds near real time continuous inventory levels to existing logistics software solutions to give companies a giant boost to the return on investment for their enterprise logistics plans. Various low cost fixed camera systems can be mounted in warehouses, shipping terminals, and storage yards to automatically calculate inventory levels, replacing the need for manual entry by humans. These fixed camera measurements can be scheduled to run at given times throughout the day, set to run on a recurring frequency interval, or automatically triggered after motion occurs. The Stockpile Reports® Logistics system sends alerts and notifications, triggering re-orders and providing inventory levels data needed to better organize delivery.

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iPhones, Drones and Construction Cones

Is anyone else as excited about this week’s announcement of the Apple© iPhone© 6 shipment date as we are? It officially arrives on September 19th!

Our Engineering team has already updated our patent-pending Stockpiles App in preparation for the iPhone 6. iPhone and Australia imagesThe team is part of Apple’s Developer program, with exclusive access to resources for developing and designing for iOS 8, the iPhone’s new operating system. iOS 8 is scheduled for release September 17, and will be available for iPhone models 4S/5/5C/5S as well as the 6.

When you upgrade your Apple smartphone to iOS 8, we’ve made sure that the Stockpiles App continues working seamlessly. Apple has more details about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 here.

iPhone 6 enhancements that you will appreciate when measuring stockpiles include:

  • Larger landscape mode on a 4.7 inch display screen with a new “Retina HD Display”
  • Camera brings low-light and focus improvements
  • Longer battery life
  • A new A8 processor with 25% faster processing speed

Drones in Australia

Solution Delivery Manager Galen Kovak-Lewis is in Australia training new clients on the best way to use the Stockpile Reports system. It may surprise you, but Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) are regularly used to map and survey stockpiles in Australia. We’ll be calculating stockpile volumes from the ground and from the air.

Galen will also be meeting with our Australian reseller UPG. UPG’s staff has grown this past year. Galen will be meeting the newest team members, coach and train them on the iPhone. Galen attended SITECH and UPG’s grand opening of their Townsville office last year and is excited to return.

We’ve been posting Australian images daily on our Facebook and Twitter feed. Follow us for updates.

Construction Cones

Is your cone clean and orange? Measurements should be made using a solid orange cone. Wipe it down and dust it off periodically, especially if you’ve been busy this Summer onsite. 

Stockpile Reports’ benefits add up to better decision-making, faster inventory turns and lower operating expenses. 

Stockpile Reports: Top Story in Australian Bulk Handling Review

Stockpile measuring app intrigues US market

July 9, 2013 by ABHR Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.14.21 PM
“A new iPhone app for measuring stockpiles has attracted the attention of a number of US miners.

If Stockpile Reports takes off it could spell the end for traditional survey techniques at bulk handling facilities.


Stockpile Reports is a new app that allows users to establish an accurate, detailed estimate of the volume of bulk materials in a stockpile, using only an iPhone, two marker cones and a 7.6m measurement rope.

David Boardman, chief executive of, says the strength of the app is its “ease of use, rapid turnaround, and accurate results.”

Boardman isn’t alone in his enthusiasm for the product.

Since the app gained some exposure in the US media just over a fortnight ago, Boardman says his company has fielded calls from more than 130 North American miners, intrigued by the prospect of an accurate, on-the-go stockpile measuring system.

To measure the volume of a certain stockpile using the app, a worker needs to place two cones along the base of a stockpile, separated from each other by the 7.6m rope. Then it’s simply a case of slowly circling the stockpile, while recording it onto the app with the iPhone’s camera.

Once data is collected, it is uploaded to the web via mobile, Wi-Fi or USB, allowing companies with access to view and monitor their stockpiles remotely.

The company’s website allows users to see their stockpiles overlayed onto Google Maps satellite photos, allowing managers to give themselves a better idea of the state of their project site, without actually travelling to it.”

Source: Australian Bulk Handling Review