Our Exhibit at 2016’s AGG1 Academy and Expo in Nashville

The 2016 AGG1 Academy & Expo broke records for attendance, exhibit and education numbers, according to show organizers the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA). The event was held at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn., March 22-24, in conjunction with the World of Asphalt.

The sold-out show floor covered a record 157,000-plus net square feet of exhibit space – a 16-percent increase over the 2015 shows, with a record 500-plus exhibitors, including 150 new to the shows.Registered attendance of more than 9,000 beat the 2015 record set in Baltimore by 18 percent.

Stockpile Reports exhibited in 2015 as well as this year. We were so busy last year that we doubled the size of our booth in 2016, and are glad we did! We announced our new initiative to the press, “Project Acumen” with the industry’s only Verified Report results and Verified StampTM.

Verified Reports has added these features to our stockpile measurement reporting: New patent-pending Base and Surface Confidence Scores in stockpile measurement reports. The Base Confidence score quantifies how much of the stockpile toe was visible during the measurement process. The Surface Confidence score quantifies how much of the pile’s surface was visible during the measurement process. Every score’s result is derived using algorithms that compute visibility issues related to obstructions, including vegetation, stackers, machinery, debris, water, material from neighboring piles, and more.

David Boardman, our CEO, gave a presentation titled ‘Transforming Big Data into Big Results’ about advances in technology, drones and large-scale image capture to attendees. Mark Crain of Lane Construction was his guest.

Downtown Nashville as the sun begins to set.
An early arrival to attend Pit and Quarry’s 2016 Hall of Fame Induction.
Mark Crain and David Boardman talk about how Big Data is transforming how business gets accomplished for aggregates producers.
Busy nightlife activity with live music in Nashville. Phil Vassar headlined the NSSGA opening celebration, sponsored by Aggregates Manager.
BBQ and Museums in Nashville
Nashville has become a hub for pop, rock, bluegrass, Americana, jazz, classical, contemporary Christian, blues, and soul music. And don’t forget they also have LOTS of great BBQ.
A busy day at the Stockpile Reports booth. David and Galen are standing behind 3D printed models of stockpiles measured by our clients.
The Music City Center has 350,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, and is virtually column-free.
The booth has been open for 15 minutes, and attendees are beginning to visit us– and the other exhibits.
Here’s what attendees don’t see– the booth being taken down, and the heavy machinery are driven out of the event space. It’s very noisy once the doors close.

Are Your Inventory Numbers Tracking to Your 2016 Plan?

How are your inventory numbers tracking to your 2016 plan? Q1 is almost over. Are you feeling confident?

Maybe you are assuming that this year will be “different”, and inventory numbers will come close to reconciling, without making changes in current stockpile measurement methods.

Stockpile inventory management is often a real source of ongoing frustration for the companies that have approached Stockpile Reports for help. We met with, and spoke with dozens of people about their challenges at the recent AGG1 conference in Nashville, Tennessee. They outlined many reasons for infrequent measurements.

CEO David Boardman discusses inventory challenges with booth visitors at 2016 AGG1 conference.
CEO David Boardman discusses inventory challenges with booth visitors at 2016 AGG1 conference.

Accessibility, safety, costs, schedules and competing priorities make it difficult for the quarry manager to measure stockpiles as often as the accounting department would prefer. We hear managers say, “Do they want me to make rock— or measure rock?”

The CFOs who spoke with us wants production levels to remain in alignment with 2016’s accounting plan. Accounting departments often struggle with various data entry sources from multiple people. Measurement information comes in from voice, email, paper and spreadsheets. Too often there are data error issues.

Is it unreasonable to want stockpile inventory tracking available on a real-time basis?

No. Our clients have discovered that utilizing a combination of iPhone and aerial (airplane or drone) imagery provides a complete solution. Mark Crain, of Lane Construction, gave a testimonial at AGG1 describing the company’s success using many sources of imagery for accurate perpetual inventory.

Lane Construction’s Mark Crain speaks about success using iPhones, drones and airplanes for company-wide inventory management at AGG1.

The business benefits of using an iPhone and drone/airplane combination include:

  • Measuring with an iPhone is easy enough to use that anyone can measure stockpiles with minimal training, reducing outsourcing costs
  • Using an iPhone on the ground enables frequent spot-checks
  • Using aerial data by plane or drone provides ongoing quarterly, or monthly measurements
  • Aerial stockpile measurements provides material information for hard-to-reach, large, or dangerous stockpiles
  • Airplane flyovers are the fastest and easiest method to measure multiple sites across a wide geographical area
  • Stockpile Reports arranges flyovers and schedules them for your company
  • Stockpile Reports has the platform to process your data, regardless of aerial, drone or iPhone collection methods
  • Measurement results are automatically processed and available to corporate with no data entry
  • The measurement results meets the consistency and accuracy requirements of your company’s third-party requirements
  • iPhone and aerial measurement methods meet safety requirements
  • Competitive subscription pricing gives the company the freedom to measure year-round

Learn from what hasn’t worked before: don’t assume that this time things will be “different” when it comes to your monthly inventory results. Start now.  Make an action plan that will get you to your 2016 target. Contact us today for more information and ask about a demonstration— we can help.