Join Stockpile Reports at World of Concrete 2016

Accurately and consistently measure material stored in bunkers with iPhones and Drones.Are you planning to attend World of Concrete 2016 next week in Las Vegas? If so, don’t forget to stop by Booth N3247. Stockpile Reports will be formally announcing advanced support for stockpiled material stored in bins and bunkers, with a demonstration of the process and report results.

Reserve time Tuesday, February 2nd at 10:00 AM and visit us during our Press Announcement.  CEO David Boardman will be available to meet you, and show real-world examples of how our customers are accurately and consistently measuring bunkered material using iPhones and Drones.

You may also schedule a personal appointment anytime during the World of Concrete show to view our stockpile inventory management solution. Just ask us by email. 

About World of Concrete

WOC will  feature special product and action areas, including The Producer Center, a marketplace of materials, equipment, demos, and seminars for concrete producers; Material Handling, offering trucks, excavators and more for material delivery, distribution, concrete placement, and earth moving; Concrete Repair & Demolition, housing a display of surface preparation equipment, scarifying, grinding, sawing equipment, and other demolition products; World of Masonry, showcasing products, tools, information, and technology for masonry professionals; and Technology for Construction, featuring the newest products and tools for the commercial construction industry from top information technology and systems providers.

This industry-leading event features:
concrete and masonry professionals
1,400+leading suppliers
specialized seminars and interactive workshops
teaching pros from around the world

Stockpile Reports looks forward to seeing you at the show!

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Weather Your Seasonal Measurements


This time of year is shoulder season, when temps and weather conditions are extremely changeable. Rain, wind, snow, sleet, storms, sunshine, dust, fog, heat and hail happen!

It doesn’t matter what is happening outside, though. Companies throughout the world still need to track inventory. Our clients in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and South Africa all share the same inventory challenges, despite how different the weather is at those locations.

Frequency, Safety, Efficiency

Make a measurement plan and be prepared for the weather.rainbow

Monthly: Utilize aerial measurements for site-wide inventory purposes each month.

Keep your boots off the ground. Measuring a site, or multiple sites, by plane is the fastest and safest method to gather data of all uncovered stockpiles. Here is how easy and fast the process is:

Step One: Client requests an aerial flight.
Step Two: Client tags the piles with material.
Step Three: Client view the results online.

Our customers typically spend 20 minutes of internal labor time per flight.

Online access to site and stockpile reports are available within hours after the flight. There is no action needed from clients other than tagging the outlined stockpiles online after the flight.

Daily: Go outside and make spot-checks onsite during operations. Simply use the iPhone in your measurement mix.

It only takes minutes for one of your team to measure an individual stockpile. You can also use the iPhone for inside and outside bunker measurements. If you’ve got a break in the weather, go outside and measure. There’s no need to wait for a third party to arrive and pay them to do the measurements.

Complement your ground-based imagery by drone. If you’ve got one and are certified to fly it, go for it! This might be a great solution if you have a few hours available to measure a smaller site, or very large stockpiles. Upload the data to us and we will process it and provide reporting.

The Best of Ground and Air

Whatever method you choose for measuring the piles on your site(s), the report results will be ready online in hours.

Your quarry will have the information needed to make operational business decisions on a weekly or monthly basis, and the CFO will have the numbers to manage inventory.

A Big Year for Drones

This has been a big year for UAVs. At the start of 2015, only about a dozen companies droneflighthad been granted special exemptions by the FAA to fly drones, and most of those were for filming on a closed set.

Now there are well over 1000 commercial exemptions to fly drones, for varying businesses such as agriculture, construction, security services, mining, oil and gas, utilities, emergency and disaster responses, and more.

In fact, in early August of 2015 Forbes reported that the FAA was approving applications at a rate of 50 per week.

Here is an excellent series of maps illustrating the geographic spread of the industry. As you can see, drone usage and interest from businesses is widespread throughout the US.

Commercial Drone Exemptions Map, from the Center of the Study of the Drone

As a further illustration of industry interest, Stockpile Reports has begun meeting with new Drone/UAV Managers. They work in several companies that use our iPhone as a stockpile inventory management tool. Our top aggregate, mining and construction customers are very excited by drone surveying technology. They are interested in how data from drones can be integrated into a safe and automated workflow for stockpile measurements.

These companies ask us a lot of questions.

The UAV is not a new a surveying tool for our team. We’ve worked with various drone models throughout the world, in many environments and business applications since 2013. Our clients have measured stockpiles of varying material ranging from coal to gravel via UAV. These sites around the world continue to have a range of challenges that include wind, water, are extremely busy, are highly regulated, encompass large areas, have visibility issues, etc.

In addition to our senior support team, we also have a Senior Engineer who used to work for Boeing Aerospace R&D on staff. He is also a pilot, and continues to test and research UAVs and works with aerial data and imagery.

Stockpile Reports is best known for our patented platform utilizing iPhone imagery for stockpile measurements. The platform is also available for imagery collected from drones for subscribers. This truly gives your business the best of ground and air for stockpile measurements.

We believe accurate monthly inventory measurements are derived from a combination of tools. Using a drone alone doesn’t work for every business need or measurement scenario, nor does the iPhone, nor aerial flight measurements. Do you have a drone strategy and want site measurements, or are curious about utilizing a UAV? Contact Us.

Stockpile Reports on Cover of xyHt Magazine

Wow! We’re thrilled to be on the cover of, and a featured story in July’s xyHt magazine. Stockpile Reports photo on the cover of xyHt magazine.By the way, that’s a photo of our CEO David Boardman, at a client site in Redmond, WA.

XyHt is an evolving resource for professionals in the fields of positioning and measurement. Some of the topics the magazine and website writes about include engineering surveying, construction surveying, machine control, Satellite imagining/photogrammetry, and more.

If you are wondering how Stockpile Reports got started, this is a great article to read. It goes into depth about our parent company URCV and how we partnered with our very first client.

The xyHt article has a great overview about the engineering brains, titled ‘The Vision Team,’ behind our patent-pending software platform. Dr. Jan- Michael Frahm, Dr. Brian Clipp, and Dr. Charles Erignac have fascinating backgrounds. You’ll also get a peek at some of their other world-class 3D work and projects.

You may want to find out even more about Stockpile Reports after reading the article. We’re able to personally answer inquiries— just send us an email.

5000 iPhone Measurement Milestone

Congratulations to our customers! They’ve reached a new milestone– customers from 9 countries have measured over 5000 stockpiles using our patent-pending Stockpiles App on an iPhone! The combined weight of iPhone stockpile volume measurements adds up to 25,947,846 tons.

Have you considered how easy and cost-effective it would be to measure your stockpiles with an iPhone?  Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from our service today. You may even qualify for a no-cost trial of our service. Just fill out the form on the page and let us know you are interested.

Image of 5000 stockpiles measured by iPhone


Stockpiles App Updated for Mining and Construction

iphone 5 and 6
Jonathan and Galen demonstrate the different sizes of iPhone 6 and 5.

This has been a big week for us! We officially announced our newest Stockpiles App update, optimized for the Apple® iPhone®6, utilizing Apple’s advanced iOS 8 operating system.

We are helping construction, mining and aggregates businesses take advantage of Apple’s Focus Pixels and larger landscape display screen, capturing video measurements in lower-light. Stockpile reports are generated quickly within 24-hours, with volume accuracy comparable to LiDAR.

A 3D stockpile reconstruction and contour map from a stockpile measured with an iPhone.
A 3D stockpile reconstruction and corresponding contour map from a measured stockpile.

iPhone 6 Stockpiles App Benefits:

Measurement results are produced and documented within 24 hours, with reconstructed video, photo, date, time, material type, tonnage, who measured and date measured are provided with a corresponding stockpile contour map.

Stockpiles are labeled and displayed as both individual sites on a Google Map and as a separate stockpile report. Users can view changing shape of individual stockpiles and locations on site over time.

iPhone 6 camera brings low-light and focus improvements to help reduce sun flare, movement and late afternoon measurements taken at quarries and construction sites in variable weather and temperatures.

New larger 4.7” landscape view enables users to easily select sites and materials via the App with gloves and view through safety glasses.

Stockpile App’s Smart Collect feature utilizes Apple’s new A8 processor. This enables stockpile measurers to review multiple stockpile videos prior to upload, make rotation or speed corrections on the spot, and be confident that the video captures image details necessary to reconstruct 3D volume results.

We’ve already been using the new iPhone 6 to measure stockpiles this week. We don’t require you to upgrade your current iPhone to version 6 to receive excellent measurement results– our team uses a variety of iPhones on-site.

Try the Stockpile Reports service for yourself and receive customized stockpile and site reports. Simply contact us to get set up in our system by filling out the online form.Your company may even qualify for a limited No Cost trial.

iPhones, Drones and Construction Cones

Is anyone else as excited about this week’s announcement of the Apple© iPhone© 6 shipment date as we are? It officially arrives on September 19th!

Our Engineering team has already updated our patent-pending Stockpiles App in preparation for the iPhone 6. iPhone and Australia imagesThe team is part of Apple’s Developer program, with exclusive access to resources for developing and designing for iOS 8, the iPhone’s new operating system. iOS 8 is scheduled for release September 17, and will be available for iPhone models 4S/5/5C/5S as well as the 6.

When you upgrade your Apple smartphone to iOS 8, we’ve made sure that the Stockpiles App continues working seamlessly. Apple has more details about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 here.

iPhone 6 enhancements that you will appreciate when measuring stockpiles include:

  • Larger landscape mode on a 4.7 inch display screen with a new “Retina HD Display”
  • Camera brings low-light and focus improvements
  • Longer battery life
  • A new A8 processor with 25% faster processing speed

Drones in Australia

Solution Delivery Manager Galen Kovak-Lewis is in Australia training new clients on the best way to use the Stockpile Reports system. It may surprise you, but Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) are regularly used to map and survey stockpiles in Australia. We’ll be calculating stockpile volumes from the ground and from the air.

Galen will also be meeting with our Australian reseller UPG. UPG’s staff has grown this past year. Galen will be meeting the newest team members, coach and train them on the iPhone. Galen attended SITECH and UPG’s grand opening of their Townsville office last year and is excited to return.

We’ve been posting Australian images daily on our Facebook and Twitter feed. Follow us for updates.

Construction Cones

Is your cone clean and orange? Measurements should be made using a solid orange cone. Wipe it down and dust it off periodically, especially if you’ve been busy this Summer onsite. 

Stockpile Reports’ benefits add up to better decision-making, faster inventory turns and lower operating expenses. 

Training and Travel for Clients

The Stockpile Reports team is on the move this week! We’ll be testing our patience in the world of airports, connecting flights and reclining seats before arriving to meet customers in person.Hawaii and Australia Map

Members of our Support team will be traveling to Hawaii, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Australia to meet with clients on-site and at their desks. We’ll be training teams on beginner measurements using an iPhone,  then onto advanced tips and techniques using the patent-pending Stockpiles App.

As the US moves into the Fall season, it is now Spring in Australia. Although mining remains highly competitive in Australia, there are other major industries that measure stockpiles. Thousands of quarries produce concrete aggregates, asphalt and sealing aggregates, crushed rock, sands and gravels, pavement materials and base and sub-base for road, civil and site works.

The Master Builders of Australia have forecasted growth in construction. After growth estimated at 6.4 per cent in 2013-14, the value of residential building work may grow by a further 30 per cent over the forecast period, from $51 billion in 2013-14 to $68 billion in 2016-17.

You might be surprised to learn that Hawaii has a number of quarries, too. Quarry sand and gravel supports Hawaii construction. The construction sector in Hawaii is expected to be one of the main engines for economic growth in 2014 and 2015.

Make sure you follow Stockpile Reports on Facebook and Twitter—we’ll be posting photos from our various site visits every day.

Taking Monthly Stockpile Inventory — In Summer?

Measuring stockpile inventory in the Summer.You’ve heard the saying “Make hay while the sun shines.” Now is the busiest time of the year for most businesses that manage or utilize stockpiles in the US.

Our customers are on-site early in the morning until later in the day, taking advantage of the sunshine and warm weather. Highway departments, construction companies, mining, pulp and paper mills, land reclamation and agricultural project employees are working hard to finish ongoing projects and meet deadlines.

Many companies have told us that they are very, very active servicing their customers right now. They’d like to take inventory every month but are waiting until the quarter ends, as measuring stockpiles usually involves worker down-time, accessibility challenges and third-party expenses.

We understand. It is a tough choice to make: verify product inventory accurately with significant down-time, or immediately utilize materials (and hope there are no issues with buy/sale amounts.)

That’s why the Stockpile Reports system is the answer to your summertime stockpile measurement challenges. You will verify your stockpile inventory quickly and receive accurate results— with minimal impact to your daily business operations.

Measure stockpiles in the summer quickly and accurately by using an iPhone. There is very little equipment needed and no special equipment or extensive training required. Typical stockpiles may be measured in as little as 15 minutes, and stockpile report results are ready to view and download in hours. Our customer support team members are available to help you by coaching and training users remotely. Our team is committed to ensuring that customer stockpile measurements are taken safely, quickly, efficiently with extremely accurate results.

The benefits of using Stockpile Reports during peak season production include:

  • Reducing labor time and third party expenses related to measuring your stockpiles
  • Reducing internal labor costs related to data management
  • Reducing over and under-producing due to improper belt scale calibration
  • Validate buy and sale amounts with 3rd parties
  • Increase productivity and compliance to MSHA regulations
  • Receive automatic audit trails

Summer only arrives once a year. Don’t wait until Fall— now is the time to maximize your business’s profit performance. We want you to be able to enjoy a cool glass of iced tea (or whatever your favorite summertime beverage may be) with friends and family and worry less about your inventory.

Stockpile Reports’ benefits add up to better decision-making, faster inventory turns and lower operating expenses. Contact Stockpile Reports today about our service, or inquire about our  No-Cost Trial.

Over One Million Tons Measured in One Week!

Our customers have been outside this past week working in the rain and sunshine. We’re proud to say that they have created a new measurement milestone– over 1 million tons of aggregate were measured in one week! The exact weight was almost 1,172,000 tons.

Let’s put the 1,172,000 total aggregate tons measured last week into perspective with some math:Measuring a Stockpile

  • Did you know that one mile of a six lane highway requires over 110,000 tons of aggregates? The total aggregate tonnage measured with the Stockpile Reports system last week would be equal to over 10 miles of a six-lane highway.
  • It is estimated that 85,000 tons of aggregates are necessary to construct one mile of a four lane highway. Last week’s aggregate measurements would equal to more than a 13.5 mile, four lane highway.
  • In the United States, the construction of a new home uses an average of 120 tons of aggregates. The tonnage measured last week would equal to a large neighborhood or small city of over 9,750 new homes.
  • The Denver International Airport outside of Denver, Colorado, required 5 million tons of crushed stone and other aggregates in its construction. Our customers measured over one fifth of Denver’s airport construction aggregates.

Did you know that the Stockpile Reports system supports multiple measurement methods? Although we are proud of our patent-pending iPhone® App and how easy it is to use, no two sites, nor two stockpiles are alike. Different piles each have varying measurement and access challenges. Customers receive accurate volume and tonnage reports for sites using the method that works best for that location and pile placement. This includes measuring by an iPhone, GPS, Walking Wheel and by Estimate.

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with usThe Stockpile Reports team is ready to help.