What Makes the iPhone 8 So Good for Measuring Stockpiles

Apple just released the new iPhone 8. We’ve put together a breakdown for you about what that means for you when you’re measuring stockpiles.

Photos in Challenging Conditions
When you need to measure your stockpiles in challenging conditions like indoors, rain, or low-light, you’re much more likely to have a successful measurement.
Louder Speakers
More easily hear audio cues and alerts from, the Stockpile Reports app, while you’re measuring your stockpiles.
Better Screen Visibility
The iPhone 8 has the ability to dynamically adjust the it’s screen color balance, helping it be more readable in direct sunlight.
Faster Charging
With the iPhone 8, they have a new fast-charge feature. You can re-charge your phone from nothing to 50% in only 30 minutes.
Larger Storage
The entry-level iPhone 8 now starts at 64GB of storage. The iPhone 7 started at 32GB. This gives you plenty of room to do more measurements without having to go back to the office to upload.
Comes with ARKit
Apple's new Augmented Reality feature. Essentially enabling you see your stockpile and site data projected onto your office desk or conference room table, or projecting your company data onto stockpiles out in the field. Early versions of this feature will show up in the Stockpile Reports app toward the end of September, 2017. See examples of this in action here on our demo page.