Introducing: The New and Improved Aerial Dashboard

Updated 6/11th, 2019:

Stockpile Reports released a major update on Friday, June 7th, giving you the power to schedule all of your aerial inventory flights for a whole year across your entire company with one click. Here are just a few features we added to the aerial dashboard:

  • Streamlined Flight Scheduling
  • Clear Checkmark Based Full-Service Flight Monitoring
  • Simplified Self-Service Flight Monitoring

Check out a sneak peek of the new, powerful flight scheduling and monitoring features:

Streamlined Flight Scheduling

Request a Full Service Flight Scheduler

You can schedule flights for all your sites, across your entire company, all at once with a single click. Choose the sites, desired date, and frequency then click submit and you’re done! 

Clearer Full-Service Flight Monitoring

Flight Monitoring Dashboard

Scheduled flight statuses are easier to monitor with a checklist style interface. You will be able to check on the status of any full-service flight in seconds.

Simplified Self-Service Flight Monitoring

Self Service Flight Monitoring

You will always be up to date on the status of flights you and your team perform. 

Still not convinced that Stockpile Reports’ new aerial dashboard will simplify your inventory management? Check out our short video showing you the difference between flying sites yourself vs scheduling full-service flights through the Stockpile Reports Aerial Dashboard.

To learn more about how Stockpile Reports can simplify your stockpile inventory management plan, contact us and we will match you with an inventory management specialist who will custom tailor a demo for your organization.