Introducing…PDF Reports 2.0

We all know change is hard. Thankfully, our new PDF reports will feel familiar to you. We updated our classic printable measurement reports to include all of the information provided on the web-based measurements reports.

What’s New

Coverage Confidence Risks 

Perhaps the most popular feature on our stockpile measurement reports, the printable version of your measurements now includes confidence ratings, possible risks, and highlighted areas on the contours highlighting potential risk areas.

Enlarged Measurement Photo

Say goodbye to postage stamp sized measurement photos. The reports now feature a large photo of the pile that is 6 times bigger than the previous report photos. We think your eyes will thank us.

The verification status of each measurement is now prominently displayed. No more confusion as to whether the measurement is verified or not.

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What is Stockpile Reports?

The Stockpile Reports Inventory Management System is the only solution where you can truly scale your inventory to your whole team, across your entire company. Whether you’re using your own drone, our patented iPhone app, or our network of pilots, you’ll be able to get your inventory done much more quickly and consistently. Your entire team can work from the same set of data: measurers, managers, and finance, all working together in our web portal. Stockpile Reports is the only solution in the marketplace that gives you a full toolkit for inventory management at scale.

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