Every Stockpile is Cash on the Ground. We Train to Prevent Write-Offs.

Image of snowy stockpile

We know stockpiles. In fact, our subscribers successfully measured well over 20,000 stockpiles in 2015 using an iPhone® device, by airplane or by drone. Our measurement platform is currently being used by over 120 companies, in 18 countries, to manage almost $3 billion dollars in inventory! That’s a lot of cash.

We also know that every stockpile is different. We listen carefully when clients tell us about their stockpile measurement challenges. There are so many variables involved: material types, geography, local and seasonal weather, on-site traffic, vegetation, pile accessibility, indoor or bunker placement, lighting conditions, wind, safety concerns and density variations, for example.

The Benefit of Training

Many of our subscribers request on-location training from us. They not only receive personalized coaching, but we get the opportunity to view for ourselves what challenges are on-site. Our team has personally assisted with measuring thousands of stockpiles.

That may seem tedious and dull to some people, but here’s our secret: we LOVE training new users on how to save money, and prevent or reduce write-offs!

We enjoy coaching them on how to perform monthly physical inventory counts, utilizing a mix of measurement technologies. We instruct on data collection techniques, how to successfully prepare a site for inventory measurements, when it is most appropriate to utilize a particular technology (such as a drone vs. iPhone) and also how Stockpile Reports assists with disputed report results.

Here are a few recent images from training sessions around the US. If you are interested in having our team help you minimize write-offs via more frequent inventory counts, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Photo of group training using an iPhone.
Here’s a good example of how stockpiles come in many different materials, shapes and sizes. These are mulch piles.
Classroom-style training at the client, and hands-on practice outdoors.
Classroom-style training by Galen, reviewing bunker measurement results.  A training session with hands-on practice outdoors.
Image of snowy stockpile
Stockpiles can be accurately measured when covered with light snow. We also give advice on keeping electronic devices operational in freezing temperatures.
Image of pile with truck clearing away vegetation. You don't want weeds covering your 'cash on the ground', or interfering with measurement accuracy.
Preparing your site for inventory measurement is very important. Keep the vegetation away from your stockpiles. You don’t want weeds covering your ‘cash on the ground’, or interfering with measurement accuracy.




Cindy Ritzman

Author: Cindy Ritzman

Cindy is the Marketing Director for Stockpile Reports.