How Does the iPhone X Work on Stockpiles?

Thinking About Getting an iPhone X?
The iPhone X is the new flagship model of the iPhone that just came out last month. It sports a new improved camera, facial recognition, a faster, more powerful processor, and a new OLED edge-to-edge screen. That all sounds great, but how does it work in the field, in real-world conditions? Continue reading “How Does the iPhone X Work on Stockpiles?”

Customer Profile: GRUPO PEDREGAL

GRUPO PEDREGAL is a family-owned construction company in Costa Rica. Their aggregates division offers products such as sand, ballast, base stone, quarry stone, limestone stone, stone powder and aggregates. They have eleven production facilities distributed strategically throughout Costa Rica, so they can provide materials to customers at any location quickly. They constantly invest in the latest equipment technology and process their materials  in a way that minimizes environmental impact, achieving high productivity and high quality aggregates. Continue reading “Customer Profile: GRUPO PEDREGAL”

What are Verified Reports and Why Should You Care?

How confident are you in your measurement system? How do you know you can trust the list of inventory numbers someone gives you? What if a pile has a foot of water surrounding half its base? What if there’s another pile combined with it on one end? What if half the pile is covered in vegetation? When you’re looking at just raw numbers there’s a lot of potential risk burried behind that number. That’s why we’ve built Verified Reports.
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Monthly Inventory at 100 Sites for $200,000

On November 13, 2013 at the Washington Aggregates Association our CEO, David Boardman made a claim that the attendees couldn’t believe.

“Within 10 years every square centimeter of every construction and aggregates operation would be modeled, indexed, and analyzed in 3d – every minute, of every day, 365 days a year.”

That was almost 4 years ago. Will we get there by 2023? We will.
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2017, The First Half of the Year In Review

You make the world a better place. You build things, you create the raw materials that allow all of us to have a better life. For that, we thank you.

We’d like to take a look back and see what you’ve accomplished in 2017. It was a fascinating year and lots of things happened. Here’s a look at some interesting data of how the first half of the year went.
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The Most Unusual Piles

Measuring the volume of standard stockpiles is pretty straightforward. Our proprietary iPhone app, and the technology we’ve created for aerial measurements by drone or airplane give you extraordinarily accurate results in easy to read reports in no time at all. Sand, gravel, aggregate – these are all a piece of cake.

But we love a challenge! And our customers do not disappoint. We get excited when we get some unusual materials or configurations to handle, and we wanted to share some of them. Continue reading “The Most Unusual Piles”

One of Our Ph.D.’s, Jared Heinly, Presenting This Week at the CVPR Conference

Sneak Peek of the Presentation by Jared Heinly, Ph.D. at the CVPR Conference

Your chance to learn the ins and outs of large-scale 3D reconstruction from a massive volume of images is almost here. For the first time, Dr. Jared Heinly, along with his team, will be presenting a full day tutorial at the CVPR conference that you won’t want to miss.
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