It’s Easy, But Is It Accurate?

Some have a hard time believing that walking around a pile with an iPhone or flying a drone capturing pictures could possibly results in reliable information about the volume of a pile without touching it.   

Stockpile Reports ACCURATELY calculates volume.

What you really want to know is, “is my inventory right?”  Measurements rely on consistency, density, pile management, site condition, but system accuracy is usually the smallest variable in your assessment of accuracy.  So we’d like to broaden the discussion to include considerations affecting repeat-ability, consistency (getting the same measurement each time).

You probably know what it’s like to rely on different people to mark piles and get different measurements each time, so let’s review why, with our system, you WILL know your numbers when it comes to volume.

How do I know the measurement is true?  

Simple geometric equations on a broad scale result in high confidence.   Continue reading “It’s Easy, But Is It Accurate?”

What’s Automated in Stockpile Reports? Virtually Everything.

We want to take care of your inventory management so you can get back to the real work:  Whether that’s production, sales, operations, or fishing.  😉

Every automated step replaces labor time.  See more about the cost comparison compared to traditional methods.

What’s automated in Stockpile Reports? Continue reading “What’s Automated in Stockpile Reports? Virtually Everything.”

5 Minute Business Review: Anatomy Of A Dashboard

Like the gauges of your truck, dashboards offer essential business information at a glance.

Here are SEVEN key areas to monitor regularly with Stockpile Reports Pro no matter where you are– phone, tablet or PC.

In FIVE minutes, you can manage an entire site effectively.  

After you grab a cup of coffee, your 5-minute morning review routine might look like this… Continue reading “5 Minute Business Review: Anatomy Of A Dashboard”

How to Get Your Boss On-Board with Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports can be a no-brainer when it comes to managing inventory. You get more accurate data MUCH faster with 3rd-party verified reports for disputes and audits.

But the boss is likely to want proof of ROI. (We get it, our boss does too). The points below might help the conversation with boss-types:

  • Time driving to remote sites to perform measurements
  • Increasing measurement frequency
  • Resource management: Our teams, our focus
  • Accurate measurements indoors or in bunkers (with an iPhone)
  • Time spent in the back-office doing prep work on inventory data
  • Audits and dispute resolution. Pain-free with 3rd-party verified reports
  • Accuracy and consistency (see below)

Many clients tell us that they’ve seen BIG time and cost savings, even 90%, from their current methods, so we captured an average comparison that looks like this: Continue reading “How to Get Your Boss On-Board with Stockpile Reports”