Customer Profile: GRUPO PEDREGAL

GRUPO PEDREGAL is a family-owned construction company in Costa Rica. Their aggregates division offers products such as sand, ballast, base stone, quarry stone, limestone stone, stone powder and aggregates. They have eleven production facilities distributed strategically throughout Costa Rica, so they can provide materials to customers at any location quickly. They constantly invest in the latest equipment technology and process their materials  in a way that minimizes environmental impact, achieving high productivity and high quality aggregates. Continue reading “Customer Profile: GRUPO PEDREGAL”

What are Verified Reports and Why Should You Care?

How confident are you in your measurement system? How do you know you can trust the list of inventory numbers someone gives you? What if a pile has a foot of water surrounding half its base? What if there’s another pile combined with it on one end? What if half the pile is covered in vegetation? When you’re looking at just raw numbers there’s a lot of potential risk burried behind that number. That’s why we’ve built Verified Reports.
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The Most Unusual Piles

Measuring the volume of standard stockpiles is pretty straightforward. Our proprietary iPhone app, and the technology we’ve created for aerial measurements by drone or airplane give you extraordinarily accurate results in easy to read reports in no time at all. Sand, gravel, aggregate – these are all a piece of cake.

But we love a challenge! And our customers do not disappoint. We get excited when we get some unusual materials or configurations to handle, and we wanted to share some of them. Continue reading “The Most Unusual Piles”

Customer Profile: Amerikohl Mining, Inc.

Amerikohl Mining, Inc., is made up of three divisions: Amerikohl Aggregates, Amerikohl Transport, and Patriot Exploration, which develops and produces natural gas wells. They are one of the top surface mining coal producers in Pennsylvania, producing nearly 1,000,000 tons of coal annually. Amerikohl Aggregates produces in excess of 1.5 million tons per year of premium State Approved Limestone products from two active quarry sites. Their limestone is utilized in the construction of roads, bridges, gas drilling platforms, water, sewer lines, railroads (ballast) anti-skid and many other local infrastructure projects. They have more than 150 customers in in Western Pennsylvania, and more than 130 employees working on projects from heavy highway construction, erosion and sediment control and more.
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Customer Profile: Lakeside Industries

Overview: Lakeside Industries’ history dates back to 1952, when Rhoady Lee, Sr., and his son purchased a sand, gravel, and ready-mix concrete company on the east side of Lake Washington. Today, they are still a family-owned company of locally-managed regional divisions spanning Western Washington, Northwest Oregon, and Central Idaho. With more than 400 employees, they are a full-service asphalt paving contractor with 18 asphalt plants as well as a producer of high quality asphalt mix. Lakeside partners on all types of projects including airports, highways, city streets, and private developments.
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13 Drone Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Drones are a critical piece of the platform. While they have incredible technology, they are only as good as the pilots who fly them. We have worked with countless experienced drone pilots who flawlessly fly their drones. We’ve also seen – well, we’ve seen a few mistakes made by less experienced pilots. We’ve assembled a list of the top mistakes – so you don’t have to make them yourself.
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From Inventory Management to Live Volume Production Measurement

So you already know that has changed the game for inventory management. We’ve cut pile measurement costs up to 89% for some customers, while at the same time giving unprecedented accuracy and eliminating costly writedowns. That would be enough for any company to abandon legacy measurement systems and switch to Our technology utilizing drones, airplanes and our proprietary iPhone app can quickly and accurately measure stockpiles and create real time reports for inventory. However, this technology has brought about an additional benefit that makes it an indispensible part of any aggregate business: accurate measurement of material production or “live volumes” measurement.
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Great news: we’ve been named one of Asphalt Contractor’s 2017 Top 30 Editor’s Choice products!

Stockpile Reports has been chosen as one of the top 30 products for asphalt contractors. The winners are chosen by the staff of Asphalt Contractor magazine, and must meet tough criteria including longevity and consistency in the market, dependability, productivity and innovation.
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One-off Drone Flight Inventory Counts

If you do not yet have a Stockpile Reports subscription, but need an inventory count, we have some great news. We are happy to announce we are now able to fulfill one of our most common requests: One-off drone flights. While we usually talk about the amazing benefits of regular, inexpensive drone flights to monitor site changes and keep inventory on track, there are many reasons why a customer might need a single or very infrequent drone flight measurement taken of a site. We call these “one off drone flights”.
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