Bunker Measurements by iPhone

One-sided Bunker Measurement

The Stockpiles App on the iPhone has been engineered to also websitebunker_examplemeasure stockpiles that are stored in multiple bunker configurations.

Bunkers containing bulk materials can be located indoors, or outside. Material to be measured may be bounded by 1, 2, or 3 walls in bay areas of varying widths at a typical site.

Required equipment to measure material in bunkers:

  • Two (2) solid orange traffic cones
  • 25-foot (or 10-meter) measuring tape or nylon rope
  • Apple® iPhone® with the Stockpiles Application installed. (Must have user name and password enabled from Stockpile Reports to open App.)

Patented Method

The bunker measurement capability is based on a recent Patent #9,196,084, awarded for technology powering StockpileReports.com for Determining Object Volume from Mobile Device Images.

Previously, bunkered materials such as salt, gravel, ash, mulches, and sand were typically measured by utilizing a walking wheel, counting blocks, or from estimations based on truckload or barge sizes. Determining the volume of material stored in bunkers frequently, and accurately, is a source of frustration for construction and aggregates companies.

The inability to accurately count physical inventory monthly or quarterly, contributes to physical inventory write-offs and produces large financial swings. Having the ability to use a mobile device for indoor, or outdoor bunker inventory measurements gives subscribers an opportunity to achieve an accurate perpetual inventory eliminating write-offs and make more data-driven business decisions confidently.

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