Airplane Aerial Service


We’ve Been Perfecting Aerials For the Last Year…
…with over 1,000 flights for many of our top customers, we are now ready to unveil it to the world. This isn’t your granpa’s aerials of yesterday, they have been completely overhauled. We’ve already successfully delivered inventories for sites all over North America and have pilots ready to fly in every part of the continent.

Typically aerials have cost $6,000 and taken 2 weeks in order to get your results. We have driven the cost and time to get your results down as much as ten-fold.

When you order the Stockpile Reports Aerial Service for your sites, you don’t even have to leave your desk, making your company-wide inventory an order of magnitude easier and faster, freeing you up to focus on more important things.

Drones vs. Planes
Drones are all the rage these days and many of our customers are using drones with great success. One thing to think about when considering drones for inventory is you’re exchanging one bottleneck for another.

Traditionally you’d do inventory using a small specialized group of surveyors or engineers in your company. With drones you’re going to have yet another small specialized group of drone pilots, who only have so much availability, and are not able to scale their operation up to a full company-wide inventory.

With the Stockpile Reports Aerial Service, you’ll do inventory at scale with no bottlnecks, enjoying reliability, speed, and ease-of-mind.

How Do Airplane Measurements Work?

Enjoy Control and Convenience
No more need to chase us down on the phone or email to order a flight. From now on you can order flights whenever you like:

  • Order new flights
  • Check existing flight statuses
  • Set monthly or quarterly recurring flights
  • Verify or update your existing site boundary maps

How Do I Get the Stockpile Reports Aerial Service?
If you’d like to add the Aerial Service to your Stockpile Reports subscription feel free to get in touch with us at:

+1 (425) 285-4303

If you already have the Aerial Service, just use our new self-service order form to order a flight whenever you want: