Getting the Boss to Sign-off on Stockpile Reports (or Adding Sites)

Stockpile Reports can be a no-brainer when it comes to managing inventory. You get more accurate data MUCH faster with 3rd-party verified reports for disputes and audits.

But the boss is likely to want proof of ROI. (We get it, our boss does too). The points below might help the conversation with boss-types:

  • Time driving to remote sites to perform measurements
  • Increasing measurement frequency
  • Resource management: Our teams, our focus
  • Accurate measurements indoors or in bunkers (with an iPhone)
  • Time spent in the back-office doing prep work on inventory data
  • Audits and dispute resolution. Pain-free with 3rd-party verified reports
  • Accuracy and consistency (see below)

Many clients tell us that they’ve seen BIG time and cost savings, even 90%, from their current methods, so we captured an average comparison that looks like this:

Time-cost-analysis (click for PDF version)

Here at Stockpile Reports, we think about inventory all day, every day and have built years of intelligence into our technology to nearly eliminate labor associated with all steps of the inventory process, such as field work, back office computations, report generation, and dispute resolution. The only thing left is scheduling, reviewing, and sign-offs.

If that doesn’t impress the boss, try highlighting a few more of our features that enable the whole business process, not just the measurements:

  • SPR dashboard for business insight anytime
  • Verified measurements for confidence in your reporting
  • Pile auto-detection, no more manual tagging
  • Simultaneous fly-oversfor same-day inventory across all sites
  • Touch-free reportsgenerated automatically
  • Pile history trackingon an asset’s production rate
  • Cut & fillcomparative measurements and visuals
  • 3rd-party dispute resolution and audits that are pain-free
  • Off-the-shelf technology. No proprietary or special equipment is required
  • Integrationwith your current systems

So, let us know if you have any questions or you have any other tricky “impress-my-boss” challenges!

PS:  You can also see our time-cost analysis on 50 sites if that’s closer to your size.


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